Double Spring Combination – Right Rear

Double Spring Combination – Right Rear

Portfolio Description

The double spring right rear uses a 10” x 100 lbs. inner spring with a 12” x 150 lbs. barrel outer spring. This package provides more forward bite and side bite than a standard 250 lb. spring or 225 lb. with spring rubbers. This unit will provide the same entry rate as a single spring but will have a softer exit rate. The right rear dual springs provide more pressure pushing the tire into the race track. This is achieved by pre-loading the 100 lb. inner spring so pressure is applied even on extension as the car is driving off the corner.

This is designed for dry slick only, middle to bottom of the race track. It will make the chassis tight if the right rear tire hits the cushion. The slicker the track the better this works.

Example of standard right rear versus double spring:

Right rear shock             Travel                   225 lbs. spring +                       Double spring
center to center                                     1 rubber (250 lbs. rate)             100 lbs. + 150 lbs.

21-1/2”                     1-1/2” extended                 25 lbs. load                             224 lbs. load
21”                 ______1” extended                         150 lbs. load            _     ____
280 lbs. load
20”                             ride height                          400 lbs. load                          400 lbs. load
19”                             1” compression                  650 lbs. load                          650 lbs. load
18”                             2” compression                  900 lbs. load                        _900 lbs. load