About ARS

Advanced Racing Suspensions was founded in 1991 after owner, Corey Fillip, recognized the need for the improvement of racing suspensions. The one-man operation has grown to a small business of 10 employees. Although the business has grown tremendously the past two decades, ARS is still dedicated to preserving the personal touch that sets it apart from the rest of the shock industry. Customers rely on the expertise of the team at ARS to provide the best products and recommendations regarding chassis & shock setup.

The people at ARS have a great deal of experience in the racing industry. Many of the ARS employees have driven or been part of a race team. Being located in Indy, ARS is in a prime location. You can find our track support employees at many different tracks at any given time during the season. This kind of accessibility is how ARS stays so connected with customers. The goal of the team at ARS is to reach the highest quality product and provide the best personal assistance to go with it.