Employee since 1991
After recognizing the need for the improvement of racing shocks, Corey founded Advanced Racing Suspensions in 1991. The business has evolved from a one-man operation to 13 employees. In the past two decades, Corey still has the same goal to provide customers with the best product out there with a customer service to match it. When customers call the shop, Corey is the one you talk to. He has been known to say that working at ARS is like being at Disney World without the lines! How can you beat that?
•1976-1977: Raced Modifieds
•1978-1987: Raced Stock Cars
•1984,1985,1989,1990: Crew Member/Chief for the Indy 500
•1986-1987: Crew Member/Chief for NASCAR
•1995-2012: Crew Chief for Sprint/Silver Crown
•Highlight wins: Little 500 (1999), Phoenix (1997), Richmond (2008)
Hometown: San Angelo, TX
Fun Fact: He enjoys racing rented go-karts.
Favorite sport (other than racing): Tennis
Favorite Racetrack: Richmond Speedway
Favorite track food: Burgers at Mini Indy Speedway

VP Finance & Strategy

After receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Accounting from Angelo State University and her MBA at Butler University, Mary continued her career at Verizon. It has been rumored that she started work at Verizon at the young age of 7. After a long career (28 years), she was ready to trade in the large corporate world for a small business setting at ARS. Mary loves being able to work with her family and the rest of the ARS team!
Hometown: San Angelo, TX
Fun Fact: She is obsessed with diamond plate!
Favorite sport (other than racing): NCAA Football and Basketball
Favorite Racetrack: Monaco

Research & Development

Employee since 1995
When he’s not working on the ARS sprint car, Chet is providing new products to keep ARS on top in the shock industry. Chet grew up traveling from track to track with his family working on and driving various cars. He has continued to work with his brother, Corey, throughout the years. Chet has driven at tracks all over the country such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Anderson Speedway, Richmond Speedway, Phoenix Speedway, and many, many more. It is this valuable experience and design genius that makes Chet an irreplaceable part of the ARS team.
Experience: 40+ years of driving
•Late Model Stocks
•Super Modifieds
•Indy cars
•Winston Cup
•USAC Silver Crown & Sprints
•Highlight wins: Little 500 (1999), Phoenix (1997), Richmond (2008)
Hometown: San Angelo, TX
Fun Fact: He is actually 69 years old (not 55).
Favorite sport (other than racing): Whatever his daughters are into
Favorite Racetrack: Talladega Superspeedway
Favorite track food: Tums


Employee since 2001
Whether it’s providing great customer service or cranking out shocks, Dan is a valuable part of the ARS team. Dan loves learning how different types of cars work and evolve. His parents were involved with Midgets, in addition to Silver Crowns and Indy cars. Dan has been around racing his entire life and continues to work in the industry offering his expertise to anyone willing to learn. Dan enjoys the challenge of keeping our customers and products up front at ARS.
•1982-1983: Worked on Indy cars
•1984-1988: Worked on Wing & Non-Wing Sprint Cars
•1989-1999: Head Fabricator at Beast Chassis
•2000: Worked at Predator Chassis
•2000-2001: Worked at Qualistar Chassis
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Fun Fact: His nickname is “Butcher” (courtesy of George Sniver).
Favorite sport (other than racing): Football
Favorite Racetrack: Winchester Speedway and Eldora Speedway
Favorite track food: Mini Corn Dogs at Salem Speedway

Shock Builder & Track Support

Employee from 1992-1997 and since 2011
Whether he’s working at the shop or talking to customers at the track, Bobby is all about providing ARS customers with the best. He began his racing career when his uncle started racing midgets. His credentials have only grown since. He has expanded his knowledge and network immensely. To Bobby, the best part of working at ARS is the opportunity to work with multiple teams and drivers.
•Driving: Go-Karts
•Crew Member/Chief since 1990: Midgets, Sprint Cars, Silver Crown
•Multiple Championships
•Mechanic of the Year Award
•First Place Crew Chief Awards
Hometown: Alexandria, IN
Fun Fact: He designed and built a midget and finished third in points his first season as a car owner!
Favorite sport (other than racing): Is there another sport?
Favorite Racetrack: Perris Speedway & Eldora Speedway
Favorite track food: Pizza Burger at Eldora Speedway

Shock Builder

Employee since 2010
Like so many in the racing community, Adam’s interest in racing began with his family. His father, uncle, great uncle, and grandfather have all been a part of racing. Naturally, Adam is too! He is quickly building his experience in driving as well as working in the racing industry. Adam’s favorite part of being a part of ARS is the knowledge he has gained. Whether he is driving a Micro, helping out customers at the track, or building shocks, Adam is almost always involved in racing.
•Driving: Go-Karts for 3 years & A Championship
•Driving: Midgets
•Worked at Tony Stewart Racing for 6 Years Winning multiple Championships
•Driving: Quads
•Worked on Midgets
•Driving: Micro (600’s)
Hometown: Alexandria, IN
Fun Fact: He has a dog named Banks (named after Belleville High Banks).
Favorite sport (other than racing): None
Favorite Racetrack: Belleville High Banks
Favorite track food: Anything from Eldora Speedway!

Parts Assembly & Shipping

Employee from 1997-2002 and since 2006
Kelly started out at ARS as a part-time employee, but has been full time since 2006. Kelly enjoys having many different projects to work on and learning how different parts are built. Kelly is someone that does even the small things with enthusiasm. She keeps ARS moving by improving and speeding up production while always keeping quality a priority.
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Fun Fact: She’s a prankster.
Favorite sport (other than racing): She enjoys watching whatever her nephew is playing.
Favorite Racetrack: Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Favorite track food: Corn Dogs with Mustard

Office Manager & Marketing

Employee since 2015
Like so many in the racing community, Courtney’s interest in racing began with her family.  She grew up in the shop and at the track on the weekends. Her enjoyment at ARS begins with the customers. She enjoys helping others and seeing them succeed doing what they love. You can always find Courtney with a smile on her face.

Shock Builder

Employee from 2011-2015 & 2016-Present
My passion for racing started when I was 6 years old, going to 16th Street Speedway to watch Midgets.  When I was 8 years old my dad brought home an old go kart he found in the attic at Beast Chassis.  We worked hard and continued to develop skills necessary to be competitive. We later went on to race shifter karts until I was 16 years old.  In 2008 I joined Keith Kunz Motorsports to better understand the “nuts and bolts” of open wheel cars.  My intention was to better understand how to truly tune a racecar.  In go-karts, we had always been “broken clock racers.”  We were right twice a day, when the track came to us we were competitive but we failed to adapt to the track and car.  So the story goes, that lack of knowledge sparked an eagerness to learn.  I am truly blessed to have had racing, to help develop essential life lessons and character values.  Those values of hard work, pride, accountability and respect undoubtedly are exercised daily at Advanced Racing Suspensions. Which is why I am so proud to be a part of such a prestigious team.  We are focused on making our customers competitive night in and night out. I am proud to stand by our values and our results.  We look forward to providing industry leading service and technology for future generations of young and established racers.
-Dirt Go-karts: 8-11
-80cc/125cc Shifter Karts: 11-16
-Dirt Sprint Cars: 21-Current
Hometown:  Indianapolis, Indiana.
Fun Fact:  How I came up with my racing number… 21. In the card game Black Jack, 21 wins. Typically and Ace and a Jack represent blackjack. So AJ=21.
Favorite Racetrack:  Kokomo
Favorite track food:  Eldora Pizza Burger