Left Rear Pre-Loader Assembly

Left Rear Pre-Loader Assembly

Project Description

The pre-loader assembly is designed for the left rear back of axle on Dirt Late Model suspensions. The special designed pre-loader has over 6” of travel available and built with three glyde rings for smooth movement throughout the complete range of travel. This assembly utilizes a 20” x 50 lbs. spring which allows the chassis to set down low at ride height so the spoiler will pass through tech inspection. The pre-loader will fit on any brand of shock that uses a 10” body without an extended eye.

The pre-loader is stacked with a 4″ x 400 lbs. or 3″ x 250 lbs. spring, lock out nut and floater. This allows you to adjust your extended load from 25 lbs. to 300 lbs. You then have 375 lbs. to 450 lbs. of load at 1/8” from full extension. The pre-loader allows you to greatly reduce the compression valving in the left rear front shock.


Install in this order: Top adjusting nut, lock out nut, spring (3″ x 250 lbs. or 4″ x 400 lbs.), spring floater, pre-loader assembly, and spring seat.

Ride height load is set with adjusting nut (bottom nut) on pre-loader. To increase ride height load adjust nut in direction of spring.

Set the right rear suspension at ride height. The left rear extended load must be set with actual center to center extended measurement not a fictitious number on a set up sheet. Extended load is set with top nut, and make sure the lock out nut (the nut inside the spring)is not against the pre-loader floater. To decrease extended load adjust away from spring. If you can’t reduce extended load you might need a longer shock body and a shorter shock eye.

Final setting: Set lock out nut (the nut inside the spring) by screwing nut down against floater and then back off 1/2 turn and lock in place.